6 tips and tricks for truck drivers during the hot summer season

6 tips and tricks for truck drivers during the hot summer season

In recent weeks, big heat waves have hit Europe, marking the official start of the summer season. However, spending hours on the road in such hot weather is not easy. To help you prepare for new summer routes, we have compiled a list of several tips and tricks that will allow you to take care of yourself and your vehicle when the weather is hot!

Check the pressure and temperature levels of your tires

During the hot summer season, the tires of the vehicle heat up due to the warm surface of the road. Overheated tires can explode and sometimes even catch on fire. It is crucial to ensure that the tire pressure is at a normal level at all times. When completing long drives, drivers are recommended to stop their vehicle every couple of hours and allow the tires to cool off or pour some cold water on them.

Make sure there is enough engine oil and antifreeze

If there is not enough oil in the vehicle, then the engine of the truck is at risk of overheating. Simultaneously, it is important to ensure that the levels of antifreeze are normal – if they are not, the air conditioning system in the vehicle will not be working properly. Drivers should check the levels of oil and antifreeze every time they start a new journey.

Keep a blanket inside the truck

Truck drivers are recommended to carry a light-coloured blanket inside of the vehicle. When the truck is parked and not in use, the driver’s seat as well as the steering wheel should be covered by the blanket, to ensure that they do not overheat and that driving is comfortable afterwards.

Make sure you drink enough water and carry an ice pack with you

During the hot summer season, it is particularly important to drink enough water. This helps to regulate your body temperature and avoid dehydration. Simultaneously, truck drivers are recommended to bring a reusable ice pack on the road. Using it around your neck will allow you to cool off and feel more refreshed.

Use sunscreen

Regardless of whether you are driving with your windows rolled up or down, spending hours on the road in sunny weather heavily increases the risk of sunburns. To avoid this, make sure you carry sunscreen inside the truck’s cabin and do not forget to apply it regularly.

Make use of weather applications

By knowing what the weather forecast is, you will be able to better prepare for the upcoming journey. Mobile weather forecast apps serve as useful tools in situations as such. One of such programs is the „Weather on the Way“ app which shows the precise weather forecast at different locations of your route, thus allowing you to be well prepared for the trip!

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