8 tips on driving safely in poor weather conditions

8 tips on driving safely in poor weather conditions

In the past couple of weeks, Europe has experienced a series of storms. Countries such as Switzerland and Italy have had important roads destroyed and completely flooded by rain. At times of poor weather conditions, each driver should know how to protect themselves and others. In this article we provide a series of tips and tricks that will help you drive safely in times of heavy rain and storms.

Before starting the journey, make sure your vehicle is ready

Before you get behind the wheel, ensure that your transportation vehicle is properly prepared – check the pressure of the tires, make sure the lights are clean and clearly visible, ensure that the window wipers are working properly.

Use GPS and weather apps

During the rain season, it is crucial to prepare for trips in advance. Make sure to check the weather forecast so that the storms do not take you by surprise. Truck drivers are highly recommended to use applications such as “The Weather Channel”, “Windy.com”, and “Windy.app” as they are incredibly precise in predicting the weather. GPS applications, such as “Waze”, will also allow you to know in advance which roads are the most convenient and safest.

Equip yourself with important materials

Make sure that you have necessary goods in the truck which can help you in case of rain. Bring along waterproof clothing and shoes, a flashlight with spare batteries, and don’t forget a first aid kit.

Change the driving speed slowly

At times of heavy rain and storms it is important that drivers do not change the speed of the vehicle too quickly. Try to drive slower than you would normally. When slowing down or accelerating, do it slowly and gradually. Sudden speed increases or decreases on a slippery road can result in the vehicle losing control.

Keep a safe distance

While driving in rainy weather it is important to ensure that the distance between your truck and other vehicles is greater than usual. When stopping a vehicle on wet and slippery roads, the stopping distance increases. By driving further away from other vehicles you will mitigate the risk of crashing into others.

Be very careful when driving on bridges

Highly exposed areas like bridges, particularly those located on motorways and highways, are often a high risk of side winds. When driving on bridges, go slowly, keep a greater distance from other vehicles, and avoid making any sudden movements. 

Do not make fast manoeuvres

In poor weather conditions it is critical to avoid making sudden manoeuvres, as the vehicle can quickly lose stability. Drive slowly when making turns. Avoid areas with standing water, as big potholes and debris may be hiding underneath.

If possible, choose bigger, main roads

By driving on wider and bigger roads you will often be able to avoid flooding or areas that are covered in debris such as branches and leaves which can often be very slippery.  Main roads are more likely to have cleaner surfaces which allow to avoid accidents.

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