Germany will restrict traffic on Brenner motorway

Germany will restrict traffic on Brenner motorway

After Austria implemented new traffic restrictions in Tyrol, the government of Bavaria decided that it will be introducing new rules as well. Work for drivers in Germany will become more complicated after HGVs will be banned from entering the Brenner motorway.

The current truck bans in Tyrol have led to very heavy traffic jams on part of the Brenner motorway located in Bavaria. Because of this many drivers choose to continue their routes via alternative roads and this negatively affects the locals. In light of this situation, the government of Bavaria is planning to ban HGVs on these roads. That means that trucks on the Brenner motorway will not be able to exit it and drive into alternative roads such as A8 or A93.

However, the government of Tyrol is claiming that Austrian restrictions are not the ones causing the traffic jams but rather it is the fault of ineffective laws of the European Union. According to the government, the traffic restrictions in Tyrol are measures taken to combat the negative effects of EU laws. Therefore, this month the traffic restrictions in this region are as follows:

  • July 4th, Monday.
  • July 11th, Monday.
  • July 18th, Monday.
  • July 25th, Monday.

The full restriction list for the year 2022 can be found here, while information about traffic restrictions in Austria as a whole is available here.

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