Important information on tax reforms in Europe

Important information on tax reforms in Europe

European countries are introducing additional taxes on trucks to protect the environment and increase the use of green energy. Germany, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic have already introduced additional CO2 taxes on heavy goods vehicles, but many other European countries are planning similar reforms in the coming years. This article provides all the relevant information on these changes.

In Germany, the introduction of additional CO2 taxes has increased the tariff price for EURO 6 trucks by 0.158 €/km. The same changes were implemented in Hungary in 2024. In March 2024, the Czech Republic also introduced additional taxes on heavy-weight vehicles in 2024, which increased the tax rates for EURO 6 category trucks by 0.026 €/km. In Austria, these changes increase toll rates by 0.033 €/km. Sweden also introduced these taxes in May this year.

In Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany, vehicles are classified into five classes based on CO2 emissions. In Germany, electric or hydrogen vehicles belong to class 5 - no additional charges are assigned for these vehicles. Vehicles registered before July 2021 with the highest CO2 emission levels are subject to a surcharge of €0.348/km. In Hungary, the surcharge for trucks depends on their EURO category and the level of pollution caused. EURO 0 vehicles are subject to a tax of 1.16 €/km. For trucks with zero CO2 emissions, a tax of 0.43 €/km applies, as these trucks still cause air and sound pollution and use the country's infrastructure.

New CO2 tax reforms are also expected to take place in other countries in the coming years. In Denmark, this reform is due to come into force in January 2025. On some French roads (e.g. the A35 motorway), the reform will also come into force in 2025, with further changes coming in 2032. In the Netherlands and Romania, these changes are planned for 2026. In Belgium, the new taxes are expected to be introduced in 2028. 

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