Mont Blanc tunnel closing from September until December

Mont Blanc tunnel closing from September until December

Starting from September 4th (Monday), 5 p.m. until December 18th (Monday), 10 p.m. the Mont Blanc tunnel will be closed. During the closure, reconstruction works will be carried out - the tunnel vault and a 600m long section of the tunnel will be repaired.

In 2024, additional reconstruction work should be carried out in the Mont Blanc tunnel as well. One of the most important goals of this project is to install waterproofing systems. As all safety systems must be dismantled and some devices such as cameras cannot be reinstalled every day, the tunnel will undergo a complete closure.

It was decided to close the tunnel in autumn since road traffic is the least intense at this time. Light transportation vehicles use this tunnel the least in fall – this is important as light vehicle drivers use the tunnel more than other drivers.

There are several detours around the Mont Blanc tunnel that can be used during the closure. Below is a map of these roads. More information about the tunnel closure can be found on the official Mont Blanc Tunnel page.

Mont Blanc tunnel closing from September until DecemberMap taken from 

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