Traffic restrictions in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Traffic restrictions in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

There will be important changes in Europe happening in July and August. Major roads have been closed in Switzerland due to storm damage. In Germany, the reconstruction of an old bridge will cause the closure of the A40 tunnel, while in Austria a series of new traffic bans will be implemented.

Storms in Switzerland

Storm damage in Switzerland has led the closure of important roads. Some sections of the A13 motorway have been flooded while the road between the Grisons and Ticino regions has been completely washed away by heavy rain. A 90km stretch in this area will be closed for several weeks to allow for road repairs to happen. The A13 motorway is particularly important for those heading towards the San Bernardino crossing or for those who want to avoid taking the Gotthard tunnel.

The Simplon crossing, an alternative to the A13 for those heading towards Italy, was also closed due to a mudslide caused by the storm. It is expected that in a few days one lane in each direction will be opened on A13.

Bridge reconstruction in Germany

The A40 motorway near Bochum will be closed for a period of 15 weeks from 6 August. During this period, the motorway bridge will be rebuilt. Due to the closure of the motorway section between Bochum-Harpen and Westkreuz, motorists are advised to use the surrounding roads such as the A448 and A43 motorways.

Additional road bans in Austria

In the Salzburg region of Austria, road restrictions will be extended until 8 September. Most of them will not apply to drivers whose final destination is in Austria.
In Tennengau, drivers will be prohibited from exiting the A10 motorway onto adjacent roads at the following exits: Puch-Urstein (onto Villach and Salzburg), Hallein (onto Wiestal Landesstraße), Golling-Abtenau and Kuchl (onto Salzachtal Straße).

In Pongau, drivers will not be able to exist the A10 motorway onto the surrounding roads at these exits: Altenmarkt im Pongau (onto Ennstal Straße), Eben im Pongau (onto Katschberg Straße), Flachau (onto Flachauer Landesstraße), Flachauwinkl (onto Flachauwinklstraße), Werden (onto Salzachtal Straße), Pfarrwerfen-Werfen (onto Affenwenger Landesstraße), Pongau (onto Kreuzberg Landesstraße) and Lammertal-Hüttau (onto Schütt Straße).

In Lungau it is forbidden to exit the A10 motorway at the Zederhaus exit onto Zederhauser Straße. In the Anif area, restrictions apply to Salzachtal Straße, Ahornstraße, Neu-Anifer Straße, Kirchenstraße and Schloss-Lasseregg-Straße. In the Elsbethen area, the restrictions will apply to Halleiner Landesstraße. In Grödig city centre, the following streets will be restriced restricted: Neue-Heimat-Straße, Moosstraße, Berchtesgadener Straße, Grödiger Landesstraße, Glanegger Landesstraße and Berchtesgadener Straße. In Großgmain town centre, restrictions will apply on Großgmainer Landesstraße. In the municipality of Wals-Siezenheim, the following streets will be restricted: Edelweißstraße, Grödigerweg, Josef-Hauthaler-Straße, Lagerhausstraße, Schulstraße, Viehhauser Straße and Wiener Straße.

Restricții de trafic în Elveția, Germania și Austria

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