Truck restrictions in Tyrol during the second half of 2023

Truck restrictions in Tyrol during the second half of 2023

This year there are going to be 41 days during which truck traffic in the city of Tyrol is going to be restricted. 17 out of these 41 days will be in the second half of 2023. During these days, the number of lorries passing through the A12 highway and the Kufstein-Nord crossing is going to be limited to 300. These restrictions are an effective way to limit the high intensity traffic of heavy transportation vehicles during public holidays in Austria, Italy, and Germany. In this article, we provide a list of the dates of the second half of 2023 during which truck traffic will be limited in Tyrol.

Date Weekday
2023 July 3rd    Monday
2023 July 10th     Monday
2023 July 17th      Monday
2023 July 24th      Monday
2023 July 31st     Monday
2023 September 29th       Friday
2023 October 5th        Thursday
2023 October 27th       Friday
2023 November 2nd      Thursday
2023 November 12th      Monday
2023 November 15th       Wednesday
2023 November 16th       Thursday
2023 November 22nd      Wednesday
2023 November 23rd      Thursday
2023 November 29th       Wednesday
2023 November 30th       Thursday
2023 December 12th       Tuesday

As for the first half of 2023, there are still 17 days of restrictions left:

Date Weekday
2023 April 26th       Wednesday
2023 April 27th       Thursday
2023 May 2nd      Tuesday
2023 May 15th  Monday
2023 May 16th       Tuesday
2023 May 17th        Wednesday
2023 May 19th       Friday
2023 May 26th       Friday
2023 May 27th       Saturday
2023 May 30th       Tuesday
2023 May 31st Wednesday 
2023 June 1st      Thursday
2023 June 3rd      Saturday
2023 June 5th       Monday
2023 June 6th       Tuesday
2023 June 7th       Wednesday
2023 June 9th       Friday

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