Denmark imposes higher fines on hauliers for rule violations

Denmark imposes higher fines on hauliers for rule violations

In the recent weeks, it has become apparent that transport companies in Denmark are now receiving significantly higher fines for not abiding by the transportation laws. These fines are mainly imposed for offences related to non-compliance with driving and rest time requirements, misuse of tachographs, and organization of enterprise activities.

Rule violations are now divided into four categories depending on how serious they are. Different fines are allocated for each category:

  • Minor offences - fines of €140;

  • Average level offences - fines of €150-499;

  • Serious offences - fines of €450-1,349; 

  • Very serious offences - fines of €1,350 or more.

Failure to comply with the rules relating to compulsory rest periods is now considered a very serious offence. Failure to display the correct country symbol when entering another country is now also considered a serious offence, whereas previously only a warning was given to hauliers for this violation.

The value of the fines imposed also depends on how past inspections have gone, whether the driver of the truck has a record of violations, and similar factors. The value of fines imposed for repeated offences can be several times higher than usual. If the driver commits a particularly serious violation, for example by using another driver's card, a maximum fine of €4,400 is imposed immediately. In this case, the patrolling officers have the right to confiscate the vehicle and to request an inspection of the entire enterprise.

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