EU countries are extending the period of stricter border checks

EU countries are extending the period of stricter border checks

During the month of October, news about increasing border checks spread across the EU. In most countries, these additional restrictions have been introduced due to the increased risk of terrorist attacks, the increased number of illegal migrants, and the ongoing war in Ukraine. However, as the security threats have not changed in the past weeks, most countries have decided to extend the period of enhanced border control, and some countries such as Italy have also decided to carry out stricter border checks.

In Slovakia, stricter checks have been extended until November 3rd. Germany will continue stricter border controls with Poland, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland until November 14th. Starting from November 12th, tighter controls on the German border with Austria will be extended for another six months. Austria also plans to extend the enhanced checks on the border with the Czech Republic until November 16th. Border controls have also been strengthened in Denmark and Norway. Stricter checks will be implemented in Sweden starting from November 11th. In all three states, these strengthened border checks should continue until May 11th, 2024. Intensified controls can also be expected in France – they should last until April 30th, 2024.

At the end of October, the governments of Italy and Slovenia also decided to tighten their border control. Such a decision was taken to ensure the internal security of these countries against the increased threat of terrorist attacks. Slovenia introduced stricter controls at its border points with Hungary and Croatia. These restrictions were supposed to last until October 30th but now they have been extended until November 19th. Italy has also strengthened its control on the border with Slovenia. Stricter border control was supposed to last until October 21st, but now it has been extended until November 19th.

Țările UE prelungesc perioada de controale mai stricte la frontieră

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